About ME

M.E.. stand fo MEDIUMTOUCH..

Was such a compilation of a gifted youngster. They are accumulating talent from a different fields, different state, different style and put together for their own dream. Die hard for the sake of the prestigious. Mediumtouch was an innovative firm of extraordinary artists with a keen sense for a nu performances, trends and techniques.

Our philosophy show that we are care passionately about everything we do and we know all the tricks of the trade to make it work. We use diverse MEDEA and styles, even in the field of digital art nor the visual arts, ranging from spraycan to goldleaf, from realism to ABSTRAX design and from interior walls to huge house fronts. Our mature approach and the interaction of different materials stand out from the ordinary – we create nu forms and artistics world. The artists are committed to working on projects within any area and at every scale. We can handle socio cultural and spatial problems and are ready to take on new challenges. A fresh approach and a focus on the task at hand are important to everyone at Mediumtouch – they make it possible for us to react to our surroundings and change the Living Environment.

Mediumtouch sees the world with a different eyes. It's the firm’s mission to adopt abandoned walls and spaces. The artists work in synergy and have gathered a decade’s worth of experience on various surfaces, creating their own style of urban design as a result of youthful and innocent expression. The innovative artists can rely on an extensive creative network, which enables them to offer full-scale design services. Apart from designing wall surfaces and rooms, mediumtouch creates artistic worlds and offers the beholder absolutely new aspects of artistic expression.

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